Earth Day 2017


Be sure to celebrate Earth Day this year!


I urge everyone to get outdoors this Saturday, April 22nd and celebrate Earth Day. Enjoy all that nature has to offer and don’t take any of it for granted. To me, that’s what Earth Day is all about. For most people living in the Walworth County area it would be hard for them to imagine going about their lives without the wealth of natural resources that they enjoy. But the reality is that natural riches get squandered away every day in our world, you can read about it all the time. Short-sightedness, greed and ignorance take a huge toll on the environment we all depend on to survive. This is where conservation and environmentalism come into play, to prevent the complete waste and total destruction of the life supporting elements of our environment; the planet earth.

It was back in the 1960’s when a U.S. Senator by the name of Gaylord Nelson, who haled from our great state, started to lament over the condition of our environment. He was very concerned about the indifference or non-issue sentiment within our nation’s politics. It was this concern of his that motivated him to start the Earth Day movement in 1970. On April 22nd of that year the first demonstrations were held with over twenty million people participating nationwide. The movement was so successful that in 1971 Earth Day was named an international holiday. More information and historical facts can be found on the official website @

There are various events being held this Saturday in Walworth County. One of them is taking place at Gateway Technical College in Elkhorn. The event is called “Celebrate Earth Day”. Lakeland Audubon Society member and occasional guest speaker Wayne Rohde will be giving a presentation about native birds at this event, which is scheduled to start at 12:30pm. For more information and a complete schedule of the event’s activities please visit the website @ or read below for general information.


Date: Saturday, April 22, 2017

Time: 10:00am – 2:00pm

Location: Gateway Technical College (Elkhorn Campus) @ 400 Highway H, Elkhorn, WI

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