Sandhill Crane Hunt Being Proposed!

Urgent News

This update is provided by the Madison Audubon Society.

A Hunting Season on Sandhill Cranes?

Being an iconic Wisconsin bird species and an amazing conservation success story is not enough to protect Sandhill Cranes.

A package of bills that include a variety of hunting-related proposals is being fast-tracked for consideration by the Wisconsin State Assembly. One of the bills would legalize and establish a Sandhill Crane hunting season.
The public hearing is Tuesday, October 19, and your legislators need to hear from you NOW.

A Sandhill Crane hunt is neither an effective way to prevent crop damage (the dominant argument for establishing the hunt), nor does it ensure proper safeguards to prevent crane populations — now stable after decades of work — from declining. We fear the proposed hunt is being rushed through without properly considering the best available science and opinions from stakeholders – like YOU!  

To learn more about this critical issue, please visit the website of the International Crane Foundation (based in Baraboo, WI), one of the world’s leading organizations in the conservation of crane species, including Sandhills. The ICF statement includes thorough and fact-based information about Sandhill Crane biology, potential effects of hunting cranes (including the endangered Whooping), existing effective crop predation management, and how we can all live in community with nature.

You can make a difference for this species in Wisconsin. Our Sandhill Cranes need you. Please make your voice heard ASAP:

  • Contact your legislators to share your opinion on this important issue. Find your legislators here.
  • Write an op-ed to your newspaper or post about the issue and the hearing on social media.
  • Attend Tuesday’s hearing in person to testify or register your opinion. To learn more about how to do so, click HERE.
  • Spread the word to friends and neighbors about the importance of Sandhill Cranes, the proposed hunt, and science-based decisions on their management.

Thank you for protecting Wisconsin’s birds, and in particular, the beautiful Sandhill Crane.

The Madison Audubon Team

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