NWF’s Great American Campout


Make the pledge to go camping and help America’s wildlife!

By Kevin Dickey, Conservation Chairman – LAS

The National Wildlife Federation’s Great American Campout has started now that the month of June is upon us. Now in its 13th year, the Great American Campout is intended to encourage people to spend time in the outdoors while camping. People are being asked to make a pledge to go camping sometime this summer or early fall, specifically between May 20th and October 31st, 2017. As part of the promotion the NWF has set a goal of 150,000 pledges, if reached the organization will donate 5,000 native trees to be planted for the benefit of America’s wildlife. The trees will be planted by youth groups participating in the Trees for Wildlife program, which is administered by the NWF.

As of this writing, the NWF has received over 108,000 pledges, more than two-thirds of its goal of 150,000. I encourage everyone who plans on going camping this summer to make the pledge and help wildlife by enabling our nation’s youth to give back and participate in conservation activities. For those who wish to make the pledge and participate in the Great American Campout, please visit the National Wildlife Federation’s website at http://www.nwf.org or simply follow the link below.


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